Phap Luan Cong - An Overview

Key tributary systems produce from the decrease basin. These methods may be divided into two groups: tributaries that contribute to the key damp time flows, and tributaries that drain small reduction areas of decrease rainfall.

Pointing-out instruction The direct introduction to the nature of brain in the lineages of Essence Mahamudra and Dzogchen. A root guru could be the learn who provides the 'pointing-out instruction' so that the disciple acknowledges the nature of head

These intricate drainage methods have developed within a placing wherever the underlying geological composition is heterogeneous and Lively, and is also the major component controlling the program of rivers and also the landscapes they carve out.[38]

bodhisattva A person With all the intention to become a Buddha in an effort to liberate all other sentient beings from suffering

About 25 per cent on the indicate yearly circulation quantity for the mainstream at Kratie arises from these 3 river basins. They can be the key aspect while in the hydrology of the Component of the method, Specifically to your Tonle Sap move reversal.[eight]

bhavacakra/bhavacakka A round symbolic representation of samsara, often known as Wheel of getting to be

[8] Agricultural expansion and populace stress are the key causes for land use and landscape alter. Both drought and flood are prevalent hazards while in the Delta, which Many of us imagine is useful link among the most delicate to upstream hydrological change.[8] Water stream along its study course[edit]

dakini A supernatural woman with volatile temperament who serves as being a muse for spiritual observe. Dakinis tend to be depicted naked to characterize the reality

Attain one: Lancang Jiang or Higher Mekong River in China. With this Component of the river, the main source of water flowing in to the river arises from melting snow over the Tibetan plateau. This volume of h2o is usually called the "Yunnan element" and performs an essential position from the very low-stream hydrology of your reduce mainstream.

abhidhamma A class of scriptures that makes an attempt to implement Buddhist teachings to make a systematic, abstract description of all worldly phenomena

osho A expression utilised to address website link a monk from the Zen Buddhist custom. Initially reserved for high-rating monks, it has given that been appropriated for each day use when addressing any male member in the Zen clergy

Narrower and more turbulent sections of h2o in the upstream portions of the Mekong River, coupled with huge annual water level variations keep on to existing a obstacle to navigation. The seasonal variants in water degree specifically have an affect on trade Within this segment in the river. Volumes of trade staying transported lower by in excess of fifty per cent, largely mainly Phap Luan Cong Viet Nam because of the lessened draughts available over the reduced h2o period (June–January).

Access six: Phnom Penh towards the South China Sea. Below the mainstream divides into a posh and more and more controlled and artificial process of branches and canals. Key characteristics of move conduct are tidal influences and salt h2o intrusion.

In the ancient time Khmuic individuals called it '[ŏ̞m̥ kʰrɔːŋ̊ ɲă̞k̥]' or '[ŏ̞m̥ kʰrɔːŋ̊ ɟru̞ːʔ]' which suggests 'Jiant canal river' or 'deep canal river' respectively.

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